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Criteria for Hosting the International Outdoor Education Research Conference (IOERC)


The IOERC has traditionally been organised by a small international academic committee of invited members, and a local organizing committee. There is no constitution, no ongoing constituency, and no financing. Each conference is hosted by an institution, with the international academic committee agreeing by consensus on the next host.

The focus of the conference is outdoor education research with a particular emphasis on sociological and critical perspectives. We have avoided applied sessions for practitioners, providers and policy makers. The cycle has normally been for a conference to be held every 2 to 2.5 years alternating between Europe and Australasia; although the 7th IOERC (2016) was the first to be held in North America. Traditionally we have not had keynotes so as not to prioritise any one person’s research over another’s. We have also minimised the attendance of tradeshows, industry organisations and profit-making institutions.

The committee especially welcomes enquiries from countries and regions who have not previously hosted this conference.  We ask that applications from Europe and Australasia try to fit the ongoing rotation.


The general criteria for selecting an IOERC conference host include:

  1. An educational institution will host (and underwrite) the conference. The host will arrange and facilitate the meetings of the international academic committee to organise the conference.
  2. The hosting of the conference should have ‘no strings attached.’ The conference will not be bundled in with another conference, tied to a sponsor, or likely to be dominated by local interests.
  3. The individuals or teams proposing to host the conference should have a track record of involvement in past conferences.
  4. Ideally, individuals or teams proposing to host the conference will have been involved in the international academic committee for previous conferences. If not, they must be well-known by members of the international academic committee to ensure continuity with past conferences.
  5. Where possible, the conference will ideally alternate between Northern and Southern hemispheres.
  6. The proposed dates will be suitable for a range of international attendees.
  7. The individuals or teams proposing to host the conference must be able to demonstrate the capacity and abilities to host the conference successfully.


The current IOERC conference website contains details for potential hosts. Candidates will forward a one to two page written application for consideration by the international academic committee. In the past, applications were presented to the international academic committee at the current conference and a decision was made before the end of the event. However, due to current global circumstance, for the host candidates for the 10th IOERC are asked to submit their application electronically ,as a single PDF file, to Søren, Tom and Glyn by October 12, 2021. This will allow for an accelerated process and assist with longer term planning.  

A decision (always made by consensus) will be made by the international academic committee and publicly announced by November 1, 2021.

For the 10th IOERC, host applications and any questions should be directed to:

Søren Andkjær, Denmark,

Tom Potter, Canada,

Glyn Thomas, Australia,  

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